Delhi Nursery Admission Hassles

Delhi Nursery Admission Hassles

A Parent’s Brain During Admissions


ADMISSIONS ADMISSIONS ADMISSIONS. The only word probably paying a visit to every parent’s mind in the capital. Getting the child admitted to the best school in the city is what every parent asks for. And why not? It’s the stepping stone to build the ‘career’ of the child.

This process is an activity that gets on the parents’ nerves but then it is an obligation of every parent to go through it and it is our obligation too, to make it a piece of cake for you.

In this article we would be focusing on three Ps of admission process:

  1. The PAIN for parents during admissions.
  2. Our PRODUCT to make this admission process simpler.
  3. The PLEASURE this product will bring.


The PAIN -> 

There must be a lot of questions and confusion in the minds of every Delhi parent about the admission process, and why not? Every year there are changes in the guidelines and policies by the government and when one cannot find this information accurately in the era of internet, it is an added trouble. You need to rush to schools again and again and sadly many times you miss out on the school you actually want your child to study in.

In the finding of the latest survey conducted by us, we found that the major concern of 6 parents out of 10 is that these days they cannot totally rely on the internet for collecting the information about documents, selection criteria and other details. Due to this, they need to take multiple rounds to the school and wait in the long queues which further adds to the burden. We understand that a lot of things come on your plate all at once and this leads to missing the deadlines which further creates a lot of tension. After all till how long can one afford wastage of time, effort, and money?




In order to simplify the process of admission and make it easy for parents, we came up with ‘Just Dakhila‘ with a basket of services. This is handy, easy and helpful.

Just Dakhila is an online platform that makes this process a lot easier. It not only connects parents and schools for admissions but also helps parents in narrowing down their list, get correct data, make the right choices and also save them time & money.

It has a simple 3-step process:-

  1. Search SchoolsYou can search schools using filters like Area, Popularity, Gender & shortlist basis your needs.
  2. Apply OnlineFill in a single application form and upload the required documents for the shortlisted schools.
  3. Track your application: Just like you have been tracking your food order, now you can track your application’s status on a real-time basis on our website.

That’s all. All of this is just a click away. Parents can save time and channelize their efforts into the right direction. It will support, guide and help you find the best school for your precious one.




1) Fill a single admission form online for multiple schools. Click Here.

2) Get the complete list of docs required during admissions & upload documents online.

3) We know you are busy & we respect your time.

4) No need to take leaves from work & visit schools to collect forms.

5) Avoid long admission queues.

6) Do not miss important admissions dates.

Read this article for more information on Admission Guidelines.


Shiwani Agrawal

Author: Shiwani Agrawal

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