Evolution of Education

Evolution of Education

What is Evolution?

Evolution is a change in the characteristics of successive generations where all aspects of life and concepts share some genesis till their existence.



What is Education?

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.



Merging these two comes the concept of Evolution of Education. So, what do you mean by Evolution of Education?


This article will sail you through the changes this sector has witnessed since ages. How different is the current education juxtaposing the yesterdays?


India has witnessed a drastic transformation from Gurukul system to the system of education followed in the 21st Century. Did you ever hear about your granny’s stories of her school days? Don’t you wonder how they were taught? In the Gurukul system, also known as GuruShishya Parampara, education was imparted in the Guru’s place: Students lived with their Guru who taught them the basic principles of life, proliferated their virtue, characters and personality development.



All of us are aware of the fact that once education was a neglected area. The literacy rate of our country was as low to 17% before independence. With time, the importance of education has been realized which ameliorated to significant improvements in 2018 where the literacy rate is 74.4%. The gender gap in the education sector which our country faced has also improved drastically. Now people are more open to allow their girl child to pursue higher studies which was not the case earlier. In the year 2018, the male literacy rate is 82.14% and that of the female is 65.46% as against preindependence literacy rate where male literacy rate was 27.16% and female literacy rate was as low as 8.86%. This clearly shows how this pristine area began to attract people towards itself.



With time, as the number of schools multiplied, people began fascinating not only academics but the holistic development of a child. Initially, the pattern which was followed focused more on learning and memorizing and diving them into books but now the learning is complemented by a lot of digital and technical aid. The system allows the child to delve deep into overall learning and personality development process.



This has become possible only because people are now realizing the importance of education. They have willingly accepted the transition from books, chalks and board era to books, curriculum, and digital era. As time elapsed they were able to draw the differences between education as a necessity and education as an essentiality i.e. indispensable and absolute necessity.

Remember, You can survive on earth without education but you cannot sustain.

Shiwani Agrawal

Author: Shiwani Agrawal

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