2017-2018 Delhi Nursery Admissions Overview

2017-2018 Delhi Nursery Admissions Overview

Although there were no major changes in the 2017-2018 Delhi Nursery Admission Process,  yet,  like every year,  they were not free from hassles.



The total number of schools who held admissions in Delhi were 5,720 which included 1700 Private Unaided Schools and around 4000 Private Aided schools, Government schools & MCD schools. The private unaided schools offered approximately 1,25,000 seats to Delhi’s students for a total of 5,40,008 enrolment applications. The total number of online registrations to Private Schools were 1,48,478.

While private schools offered nearly 1,25,000 seats, it is vivid that there was a tough competition for every seat, with a lot of parents returning home without a single school in the bag. Henceforth, parents cannot afford to miss out on applying to even a single school & that is why it is reinstated to apply to multiple schools during admissions (Click Here).



Delhi Nursery Admission process is monitored by the DOE guidelines i.e. Directorate of Education. According to these guidelines, last year’s admission process began in the first week of January. Around 1,400 schools issued the online & offline registration forms on 2nd January on their portal & at the school receptions. The registration process ended on 23 January. Schools were asked to upload the allotted marks (as per point system) by February 6. The first list of selected candidates was released on 15th February. Dates 16 to 18 February were scheduled for addressing grievances or concerns of parents pertaining to the first list. The subsequent list was out on 29thFebruary & the admission process ended on 31st March.

This was a brief insight in regards to the dates and procedure of last year’s Delhi Nursery Admissions.

Also to mention, last year, the government made a noticeable change in their admission policy. The Government abolished Management Quota and also obliterated some 51 points criteria used by schools which included oral test, vegetarian family, non-smoking parents, achievements of parents etc.


How can we help you?

Witnessing last year’s havoc, Just Dakhila conducted a survey where we found that almost 82% of the parents found the admission process very cumbersome. It got difficult for them to physically visit every school to collect & deposit the registration forms which itself did not guarantee admissions. This gave us an opportunity to build an unconventional, systematic, convenient and customised model to help parents with online nursery admissions.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select all the schools you want to apply to from the list.
  2. Fill a single admission form &  upload your documents online.
  3. Relax because we will do the rest.
Shiwani Agrawal

Author: Shiwani Agrawal