How To Inspire Your Kids To Read!

How To Inspire Your Kids To Read!

In this world of technology where a computer, laptop, tablet & smartphone is a child’s constant companion; getting them to read is an onerous task. But a child who reads is a child bound to succeed. So, as a pledged parent it becomes your responsibility to see that you inculcate reading habits in your teenybopper. It’s not that difficult and it is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kid.

1. Be a role model:

In order to make kids read, you need to show them that it’s a pleasurable activity. No amount of cajoling or lecturing can do that. When the young ones see their parents reading and having a good time doing so, they do the same.




2. Start Early:

Studies have shown that children benefit from an adult reading to them from a very early age. So, don’t wait for them to respond; start the day they are born. Read to them when they are small and later when they are old enough to read, read with them.




3. Ask questions while reading:

Leave the story hanging in between and ask them questions, like-What do you think happened after this? Where do you think the goat hid? How will the dog reach his master? Questions which force them to think, generate interest in the text and also sharpen their intellect.




4. Visit Libraries with your children:

Make visits to the local library a ritual. Encourage your child to select a book for himself. Let him meet the librarian. Being surrounded by books, makes them fall in love with them, eventually.


5. Create a reading corner:

It need not be a large area. Depending upon the space available in your house, create a space which is used only for reading. It can be a cosy space under the stairs or covered part of the balcony, anything with a comfortable seating and proper lighting.




6. Gift a book:

Apart from toys, clothes and trinkets, plan on gifting books on special occasions and sometimes without an occasion. Unwrapping a book generates natural interest in what is inside it.





7. Let them discover their favourite genre and allow them the freedom to read the same:

It’s no use of forcing a child who enjoys sci-fi, to read moral stories, or one with an interest in the action to read classics. Let the child decide what to read.





8. Visit bookstores:

Some bookstores like Oxford Bookstore, have lovely playing areas for children surrounded by books. Visit with your child often and help him pick stuff which interests him.





9. For the younger ones, start them off with audiobooks:

Try audiobooks such as Karadi tales, where they can read the text while simultaneously hearing an oral rendition of it.




Adopt the simple tips given here and introduce your tiny angels to a wondrous world, which will accompany them throughout the life helping them in all weathers.

P.S.-Suggested books to start with at different ages-

0 to 5 years
1. The Cat In The Hat-Dr.Seuss
2. The Velveteen Rabbit-Margery Williams
3. Pooh Books-A.A.Milne
4. Aesop’s Fables
5. Karadi Tales

5 to 10 years
1. Panchtantra – Acharya Vishnu Sharma
2. Amar Chitra Katha
3. Any book by Enid Blyton
4. Heidi-Johanna Spyri
5. Stories of Akbar -Birbal

10 to 15 years
1. Matilda -Roald Dahl,or any book by the same author
2. Harry Potter Series- J.K.Rowling
3. The Chronicles of Narnia-C.S.Lewis
4. The Inheritance Series-Christopher Paolini

5.Percy Jackson Series-Rick Riordan

15 to 20 years
1. Catcher In The Rye-J.D.Salinger
2. To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee
3. Pride And Prejudice-Jane Austen
4. The Ring Triology-Tolkien
5. Books by P.G.Wodehouse


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