Why use the JustDakhila app?

Why use the JustDakhila app?

No parent needs to be reminded of the stress they invariably undergo when it comes to admitting their child to school. With nursery admissions in the national capital being fraught with challenges, parents wonder what can be done to smoothen the process.
Now, here’s an app that brings together parents and schools on a ‘cloud of connectivity’. The JustDakhila app builds a bridge between the school and parents while avoiding paper and manual work.

With the JustDakhila app, parents need to fill only one form, which is then sent to multiple schools and an instant notification from school is sent to you when your application is received. The app is very much user-friendly and makes it easy for parents to know school fee structure, exam fees, child safety etc. within the stipulated time limit.

The whole idea of JustDakhila is to make the schooling process of your child hassle free. JustDakhila app maintains a constant relationship with parents by informing them about important information.

With JustDakhila it is easy for schools to communicate their messages to parents. Parents are often worried about the safety of their children whenever they are going to or coming back from school. They want to select a school which provides advanced learning for their children while at the same time ensuring maximum safety.

 This app allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate and collaborate by sending messages, sharing photos, setting calendar reminders and much more! 

Here are the advantages of using JustDakhila for Parentswww.justdakhila.com-parent-just-dakhila-app

  • Parents can apply to multiple schools for their child’s admissions with just one click sitting at their home.
  • Offers parents the easiest mode of communication to stay updated with what is going on in school.
  • On this platform, parents may have discussions with other parents and child counselling experts.
  • Timely updates from the school about regular days as well as special events.
  •  They can access the homework information assigned to the children by their teachers. 
  • A direct source of reliable updates about the children’s attendance in school, class activities, performance, and progress.
  • Access to parenting and educational articles that are regularly updated by the schools.
  • An easy platform for feedback to the teachers, school administration, transport provider and even the school principal.
  • An open-discussion forum for parents and teachers with a messaging feature is available.
  • The availability of tracking a complaint made to a school department by the parent.


Here are the advantages of using JustDakhila for Schools:www.justdakhila.com-school-just-dakhila-app

  • “Why wait for Parents to visit your campus when you can take the campus to them with a virtual campus tour.”
  • Schools identify themselves on a single platform through this website. They find enormous inquiries about their school, worldwide and get greater exposure. Accurate Information regarding the schools through regular updates is provided to the parents.
  • It not only saves time but also saves cost in terms of advertisements, admissions and online registration, online information, reviews, and expert advice on improving school activities.
  • If a school doesn’t have any digital marketing then this app is surely going to help them in boosting their reach.
  • A strong brand name of the school helps in keeping the school’s image in mind of potential customers and the best part about JustDakhila is that it provides lifelong recognition to schools.
  • All parents’ queries can be shared with the school through app notifications.
  • Push notifications are used to alert parents about important events, campus news, or emergencies through this app.
  • Schools can also choose this platform to promote their online booking service of summer camps or even their achievements.

JustDakhila provides information about results, admissions, fee structure, and timetable, an event in different schools, students’ performance and much more relevant information.
In short, the JustDakhila app for Parents and for Schools is a platform for ‘connectivity without hassle‘!

Vaibhav Ratra
Just Dakhila

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